EPSO aptitude test

EPSO is the European Personnel Selection Office. If you apply for a job at the European Union, you will have to take an aptitude test by EPSO. EPSO has not developed it’s own test however. It uses SHL’s aptitude test. The aptitude test consists of:

  • Abstract.
  • Numerical.
  • Verbal.

Depending on the job you are applying for you may also have to take additional tests. Such as accuracy and precision and e-tray exercises.

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About the EPSO aptitude tests

EPSO uses the SHL assessment and aptitude tests to assess candidates on their general and professional skills and their competencies. If you pass the online part of aptitude test, you will be invited to the assessment centre.

The EPSO online aptitude test consists of the following categories:

  • Abstract – figure sequences.
  • Numerical – tables and graphs.
  • Verbal – text comprehension.

Abstract reasoning

Figure sequences

The EPSO test uses figure sequences for measuring the abstract (or inductive) reasoning ability. This is a widely used part of aptitude testing. Since all assessment agencies must distinguish themselves from the competition, there is also a lot of difference between them.

Series of figures consist of a series of figures between which a successive underlying relationship can be traced. Figure sequences have a dynamic logic. Once the dynamics of the successive figures have been found, the next figure in the series can be predicted.

The figure series of SHL are viewed as difficult due to the large variety of underlying variables that must be analyzed. In addition, quite a few exceptions are possible. That makes the figure series of the EPSO assessment a very difficult part.

The Hellotest exercise package introduces the underlying variables of a figure series based on lessons. Within this, the complexity is built up to teach the correct structure for solving figure series. Thereafter, practice is done on the basis of practice tests that are comparable to the level of questions from a real assessment.

Saville style figure sequences
Saville style numerical reasoning

Numerical reasoning

Tables and graphs

The numerical reasoning part of EPSO is a complex part. Tables and charts are used to test for the ability to process complex numerical information. Several tables and graphs are shown, each with a few questions that must be answered.

Because there is a lot of variation in the possibilities, it is good to practice specifically for EPSO numerical reasoning. It is important to be familiar with the type of tables and graphs that can be requested during the SHL assessment. That way you avoid annoying surprises while taking the test. Many pitfalls are also prevented.

The Hellotest exercise package provides a clear explanation of the optimal strategies and tactics for solving graphs and tables. The tables that occur the most are analyzed separately. In addition, it is possible to use the practice tests to approach the experience of the assessment as much as possible.

Verbal reasoning

Reading comprehension

The aptitude test verbal reasoning of EPSO measures the ability to correctly analyze complex verbal information. This is measured by means of statements that must be answered with “true”, “not true”, and “can not say”. Several statements must be answered per text.

Many aptitude tests test skills that are rarely used in daily practice. The aptitude test for verbal reasoning measures whether you can read and analyze a text well. These are skills that you will also need in daily practice. Some professional groups do have a head start, for example lawyers.

Because almost everyone immediately understands how this specific aptitude test from EPSO works, it is especially important to prepare it well. Since the result is compared with a norm group of people with a similar background, it is difficult to beat it. After all, you have to score higher than a set percentage of all candidates.

The Hellotest exercise package helps in understanding the analysis of texts. On the basis of a clear explanation and representative practice questions of a comparable level as the real assessment, it is possible to prepare well for this.

Reading comprehension

Preparing for EPSO aptitude tests

Prepare for the test

The EPSO assessment uses the SHL agency. It is not possible to return to previously made questions. SHL uses one time for all questions per component. This has both advantages and disadvantages. It is possible to spend more time on a difficult question. Time can also be saved with an easy question.

However, it is important not to dwell too long on a difficult question. In this way the chance of asking questions later in the test with the right attention is lost. Determine in advance how much time can be spent per question and do not deviate too much from this during the test. For example, check this every five questions, or every new text and table. That way you can best keep track of your progress and keep an eye on your time left.


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Frequently asked questions

How is the Hellotest practice material developed?

We have been active as assessment trainers since 2012. In the first instance you could only come to us for personal training:

  • one on one training,
  • group training,
  • workshops and training at universities and career fairs.

In 2015 we decided to put our developed training material online so that our candidates could practice after training.
Thanks to our many years of experience as an assessment trainer, we know exactly which variations exist for a component. We have developed questions about these components for each variation.
We have combined that knowledge with the parts that certain agencies require. We have been able to determine which variations are used by which agency. Then you will find the right variations in your training package.

How often can I retake the lessons / quizzes?

You can take our lessons and practice tests as often as you want during your subscription. If you want to retake a lesson or practice test, you can reset the lesson or quiz yourself via a button.

Can I practice with a timer?

All our practice tests are provided with a timer. The duration of the practice tests corresponds to the time that you get on the real test.

Our lessons are not provided with a timer. In this way you can become comfortable with all the questions and take as long as you want.

Where can I use the practice package?

All the training material is available online. So you can use it everywhere, as long as you have a working internet connection.

Our training material can be used on all modern devices (mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop) and in all modern browsers (IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.).

In which languages is the practice material available?

Click here for Dutch.

Can I get help if I get stuck with the material?

If you have questions about the exercise material you can always ask them here. We try to get back to you in two business days.

How do I know if I am ready for the assessment?

In our e-learning system, the recommended score is indicated for each practice test. That way you can estimate whether your score is good enough to start the real test.

You can do the practice tests until your score is good enough.

Who are we

Our aim is to help you get your dream job. Aptitude tests are used by most employers nowadays and are a major hurdle to candidates. As many as 50% of the candidates do not pass their aptitude test. We find this unfair.

By preparing for your aptitude test you can easily pass the test. You are not cheating, you are getting prepared. If you have never solved number sequences or never even seen a figure sequence you will not get a high score on your test. You may even fail. By practicing, you will be familiar with such types of questions. Now, you can actually take the test.

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