Cut-e style practice package

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The best online practice package for Cut-e style tests. This package contains over 500 questions divided over clear lessons and Cut-e style quizzes.

Suitable for preparing for:

  1. Test-Drive

Aptitude tests:

  • Deductive reasoning.
  • Inductive reasoning.
  • Numerical reasoning.
  • Verbal reasoning.


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The best preparation for Cut-e style tests!

Cut-e is a major test publisher of assessments and aptitude tests. If you are applying to several jobs, chances are, you will have to take an Cut-e aptitude test. Our practice package optimally prepares you for Cut-e style tests.

Our practice package has lessons, questions, explanations and quizzes to optimally prepare you for such tests.

This is how it works:

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Overview of our Cut-e style practice package

Test-Drive is the name that Cut-e uses when testing candidates. Cut-e has developed dozens of instruments for testing candidates for all kinds of characteristics. This goes further than the regular aptitude test with verbal, numerical and deductive / inductive reasoning. This can also be about development potential, leadership styles, career choices and so on. Each test is characterized by the name Scales. This is the brand name that Cut-e uses to indicate each type of test.

Cut-e uses the assessment centre method to assess candidates for both selecting talent and developing talent. If you are applying for a job this means you may have to take a Cut-e aptitude test and a personality questionnaire.

Preparing for Cut-e Test Drive style tests:

The Cut-e Test Drive test consists of:

  1. Deductive reasoning.
  2. Inductive reasoning.
  3. Numerical reasoning.
  4. Verbal reasoning.

Deductive / Inductive reasoning – rules and relationships

Discovering rules and relationships of Cut-e is a unique component within the aptitude tests. Many aptitude tests consist of verbal, numerical and logical reasoning. Discovering rules and relationships is the variant of deductive / inductive reasoning for Cut-e.

When discovering rules and relationships, four diamonds are shown that are filled with all kinds of letters and numbers. The four diamonds are divided into two pairs. Each pair shares one or more properties that connect the pair. This can be for example that all letters consist of vowels or, conversely, consonants. Or that the same letter is shown four times.

Once you have established this, a choice must be made as to whether a number of new panes or that belong to category A or B. Because this is a unique part, discovering rules and relationships is also experienced as difficult. The course material explains the most common variants in this type of aptitude test. In addition, there are a number of practice tests to test the method of questioning. This makes our exercise package the best preparation for the Cut-e assessment.

Numerical reasoning – tables and graphs

If you get a test from Cut-e, it almost always contains numerical reasoning. This test is viewed as particularly difficult. The aptitude test consists of several tabs with visual and numerical information.

The tabs together describe one topic, but each page also contains unique information. For example, the financial statement, an overview of the products and a forecast of the coming growth can be shown for one company. The most complex tests contain up to six different tabs. The questions about these tabs always follow the same form. Following a statement about the information in the tabs, it must be assessed as “true”, “not true”, and “can not say”.

The specific way of querying numerical reasoning is very special. Many other assessments require calculations or formulas to be solved. In the case of cut-e, this is not always necessary with numerical reasoning.

For example, a question can often not be answered, it is “can not say”. For example if the question concerns two financial years that are not mentioned. Because the most difficult tests ask more than 30 questions in 12 minutes, this is a difficult test.

The Hellotest practice package clearly explains how the different tabs can be interpreted. Consider recognizing and interpreting index numbers, exchange rates and other types of graphs. In addition, the most common types of questions are clearly displayed there. The practice tests build up in level and number of tabs. The first tests consist of three tabs with fewer questions.

Verbal reasoning – reading comprehension

Verbal reasoning is a very difficult topic in the Cut-e aptitude test. You have to answer a very large number of questions in a short time. In addition, the questions concern multiple texts. In most cases you will see six tabs with relevant information. Because there is a lot of information in the questions, it is really important that you quickly recognize in which tab you can find the correct answer.

Finding the right tab can often be based on the question. For example, you can see multiple tabs about one company. In one tab it is mentioned who is on the board of directors, and on another tab the strategy is explained. For example, the statement contains a name or, on the contrary, a strategic starting point. That gives a good indication on which tab the correct information can be found.

Our course material deals with the treatment of propositions with ‘true’, ‘not true’, and ‘can not say’. In addition, you practice step by step with more and more tabs and complex questions. For example, you will only see three tabs with the first few tests with fewer questions

After the exercise you can do a practice assessment where you have to answer 36 questions in 12 minutes about a text with six tabs. This makes the Hellotest practice package the best preparation for the measurement of verbal reasoning from Cut-e.


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Frequently asked questions

How is the Hellotest practice material developed?

We have been active as assessment trainers since 2012. In the first instance you could only come to us for personal training:

  • one on one training,
  • group training,
  • workshops and training at universities and career fairs.

In 2015 we decided to put our developed training material online so that our candidates could practice after training.
Thanks to our many years of experience as an assessment trainer, we know exactly which variations exist for a component. We have developed questions about these components for each variation.
We have combined that knowledge with the parts that certain agencies require. We have been able to determine which variations are used by which agency. Then you will find the right variations in your training package.

How often can I retake the lessons / quizzes?

You can take our lessons and practice tests as often as you want during your subscription. If you want to retake a lesson or practice test, you can reset the lesson or quiz yourself via a button.

Can I practice with a timer?

All our practice tests are provided with a timer. The duration of the practice tests corresponds to the time that you get on the real test.

Our lessons are not provided with a timer. In this way you can become comfortable with all the questions and take as long as you want.

Where can I use the practice package?

All the training material is available online. So you can use it everywhere, as long as you have a working internet connection.

Our training material can be used on all modern devices (mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop) and in all modern browsers (IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.).

In which languages is the practice material available?

Click here for Dutch.

Can I get help if I get stuck with the material?

If you have questions about the exercise material you can always ask them here. We try to get back to you in two business days.

How do I know if I am ready for the assessment?

In our e-learning system, the recommended score is indicated for each practice test. That way you can estimate whether your score is good enough to start the real test.

You can do the practice tests until your score is good enough.

Who are we

Our aim is to help you get your dream job. Aptitude tests are used by most employers nowadays and are a major hurdle to candidates. As many as 50% of the candidates do not pass their aptitude test. We find this unfair.

By preparing for your aptitude test you can easily pass the test. You are not cheating, you are getting prepared. If you have never solved number sequences or never even seen a figure sequence you will not get a high score on your test. You may even fail. By practicing, you will be familiar with such types of questions. Now, you can actually take the test.

Cut-e style practice

£29.90 VAT

Prepare for:

  1. Cut-e Test Drive.

Hellotest is not affiliated with, or endorsed by Cut-e. All practice materials are developed independently by Hellotest to support candidates preparing for their job application and not for selection purposes.