Verbal reasoning: word relations

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What are word relations?

Word relationships are part of verbal reasoning. With word relations you must state whether two words mean the same thing or mean the opposite. It is therefore a combination of antonyms and synonyms.


Antonyms are words with opposite meaning. Think of:

  • Rigid versus flexible.
  • Compliant versus assertive.
  • Bland versus peppery.
  • Cloudy versus clear.


Synonyms are words with the same meaning. Think of:

  • Swivel and turn.
  • Pretty and beautiful.
  • Woman and lady.
  • Gutter and sewer.

The tricky thing about word relationships is that you don’t know whether to select synonyms or antonyms in a question. You will therefore need a large vocabulary to be able to quickly select the right combinations.

Word relations

In addition to word analogies, word relationships tests verbal reasoning. Because you need a large vocabulary, it makes sense to practice well. Then you become familiar with different types of antonyms and synonyms. As a result, you will achieve a higher result for the test.

Word relations


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