Abstract reasoning: spatial reasoning

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What is spatial reasoning?

Cubes, sometimes also known as spatial reasoning, are part of abstract reasoning. There are two forms of cubes: folding and rotating.

Folding cubes:

With folding cubes you have to indicate how a cube can be unfolded. For this you need to be able to convert a three-dimensional image into a two-dimensional image. You will see a cube and a number of unfolded cubes. Of the unfolded cubes, you must indicate which an extension of the example can be.

Rotating cubes:

When turning cubes you get to see a cube and you have to indicate how it can be turned. You will see a number of answer options. Of these answer options, one is a possible rotation of the example. You must indicate which rotation is possible. It is indicated in advance how often the cube can be rotated and tilted.

Folding cubes

Folding cubes is a component that is mainly used in classic intelligence tests and older capacity tests. You will also come across this part during capacity tests for basic and secondary level.

When folding cubes it is important that you properly assess how a three-dimensional pattern translates into a two-dimensional pattern. You should not only pay attention to colors but also to shapes and patterns.

Spatial reasoning folding cubes
Spatial reasoning rotating cubes

Rotating cubes

Folding cubes is the part that you mainly come across today in capacity testing. This form of cubes is used at all levels: undergraduate, graduate and masters. Although you might expect otherwise, relatively few tests include this component.

Rotating cubes is about making sure you estimate which surfaces you don’t see. When turning or tilting, a previously invisible surface becomes visible. You must then determine whether the new cube is possible.


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