Verbal reasoning: reading comprehension

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What is reading comprehension?

Almost every assessment consists of three parts: verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning. Reading comprehension, sometimes text analysis, is part of verbal reasoning.

With reading comprehension you get to see a text of usually a few paragraphs. Questions are then asked about this text. It is important to remember that you use the information from the text. Even though you know, for example, that the England has a North Sea coast, it may be that the text does not. Exactly where the boundary lies between the knowledge that you have to take with you and not have to take with you, you have to understand from the context of the text.

There are two types of reading comprehension:

  • assess statement,
  • answer question.

Assess statement

If you have to assess a statement, you will see a statement about the text. You can then provide three possible answers to this:

  • true,
  • not true,
  • can not say.

The tricky thing is the “can not say” option because you need to know exactly which personal knowledge you can and cannot use.

Answer question

If you have to answer a question, you get a question about the text. The type of questions can vary greatly. For example, think of:

  • what does the writer mean by…,
  • what is the subject of …,
  • what is a synonym of … .

With these questions you will see multiple choice answers. It is up to you to select the correct answer.


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