Abstract reasoning: mental arithmetic

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Practice mental arithmetic aptitude tests

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What is mental artithmetic?

Mental arithmetic, or basic numeracy, occurs as a unique part of numerical reasoning. In addition, in a broader sense, calculation skills are needed as a basis for numerical reasoning. The maths component is tested with sums. Calculations to be performed are:

  • addition,
  • multiplying,
  • division,
  • fractions,
  • percentages,
  • decimals,
  • estimations.

There is often an overlap with the word problems section. In this case you will see a sentence or two with a question. You must then consider which data is required and which calculation must be performed.

The difficult part of mental arithmetic are the limitations. For example, you are usually not allowed to use a calculator, but you can use scratch paper. You also have to answer a lot of questions in a short time. It is therefore important that you can do good mental arithmetic. The advantage is that it is a part that you can practice well.

Tips to solve mental arithmetic

Maths do not seem to have a strategy. Yet there are tricks that you can teach yourself.

  • View the individual terms, what stands out? Are there numbers that are almost equal to: 1, 5 or 10?
  • Estimates the sum by rounding off, are there answers easily eliminated?
  • If the above does not work, calculate the sum accurately.

By repeating the three steps while practicing, you become better at estimating. You also get a better numerical insight. This makes it increasingly easier to solve sums.

Keep in mind that you will not pick this up in an afternoon. So plan ahead to refresh maths skills.

Pearson style mental arithmetic

Pearson uses math skills to test the numerical skills of the candidates. Often the calculation skills of candidates have dropped. By repeating the material, you prevent unnecessary disappointment on the assessment.

The tricky thing about Pearson’s aptitude test is that both math skills and word problems are required. Questions with which many candidates have difficulty starting from high school.

In addition to the difficulty of the sums, it is important to beat the norm group. Depending on the company you are applying to, you must defeat at least 50% of the norm group.

Mental arithmetic aptitude test


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