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Why practice

If you have to take an aptitude test as part of your interview process you will have to pass this test. If you do not pass the aptitude test, your interview is over. Further, usually you can not apply for that employer for several years. So, it is important to properly prepare for your test.

How to prepare

How can you best prepare for your test? It all starts with the right practice courses. Hellotest offers practice courses developed for each test publisher and major employer. If you have to take an aptitude test at Company X, we will provide you with the practice material for that exact test. Each course consists of several lessons and quizzes.

Practice at each level

Regardless the level you have to take your test at, we provide you with the right practice material. Most test publishers use the same test regardless your education of job function. The difference is, that you are compared to your own norm group. By practicing, it will be a lot easier to beat candidates of your norm group.

Corstiaan Smit Aptitude Test Trainer for Hellotest

Practicing for aptitude tests leads to a higher score.

A higher score helps you stand out and improves your chances at getting your dream job.

  • Corstiaan Smit – aptitude trainer since 2012