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Aptitude test publishers

Hellotest offers specific practice materials for all major test publishers. Each test publisher has its own test. This is why it is important to practice for the specific test you have to take.

At Hellotest you do not practice 200 different kinds of number sequences. You will practice the 10 or 20 specific ones you need. We offer guides to help you pick the right exercises for each test publisher. And if you get stuck, we will gladly help you!


Employers do not develop aptitude tests themselves. They use tests developed by test publishers. The main goal of using aptitude test is not to assess your strengths and weaknesses. Mostly, aptitude tests are used to sort candidates quickly by failing at least 50%.

As a candidate your score will be compared to a set or floating norm group. You will have to score higher than at least 50%. At some companies you may even need to score higher than 80%.

By practicing for your aptitude test you greatly increase your chances to beat 50%. By practicing specificly for your test you will be able to almost always beat the score. This way, you are one step closer to your job!

Corstiaan Smit Aptitude Test Trainer for Hellotest


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Who are we

Our aim is to help you get your dream job. Aptitude tests are used by most employers nowadays and are a major hurdle to candidates. As many as 50% of the candidates do not pass their aptitude test. We find this unfair.

By preparing for your aptitude test you can easily pass the test. You are not cheating, you are getting prepared. If you have never solved number sequences or never even seen a figure sequence you will not get a high score on your test. You may even fail. By practicing, you will be familiar with such types of questions. Now, you can actually take the test.

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